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Speed vs Meth

Speed is a slang term that came refer to a number I'm Different Drums known as amphetamines. Amphetamines are a variety of substances which stimulate conserved the central nervous system. Speed math is methamphetamine, which is a different kind of amphetamines is really a form of speed, but feed can be more than just meth. Anyone of the amphetamine drugs can be moderate speed.


Amphetamines make up a drug class that has three basic kinds of substances:

  • Methamphetamine
  • Dextroamphetamine
  • Amphetamine


Methamphetamine, also called speed meth, delivers the most potent effect within the body. Meth facilitates the release of natural chemicals in the body, such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine chemicals. Meth is a stimulation drug that affects the central nervous system, interacting with brain chemicals known for increasing brain activity. Meth has been used in other ways since the early 20th century, including treating those with ADHD. Physicians sometimes prescribe meth to patients struggling with morbid obesity.


Methamphetamine is accessible in three primary forms known as base, speed, and ice. They are very different in their purity. Ice is mostly pure, whereas speed is mostly impure. 


Speed is typically made into a yellow or white powder, or bought in pill form. People can snort it through the nose, swallow it as a capsule, or inject it with a needle. 


A purer form of meth is also being sold, called ice. It commonly has a colorless look or is made of white crystals, but it can come in other colors. Ice is also called glass, shabu, crystal, meth, or crystal meth. Ice is most usually inhaled or smoked.


Some people confuse the terms "speed" and "meth," not knowing that there is not as much difference as one would think. It is not so much speed vs meth, as it is "Which kind of speed is meth?"


Why is meth addictive?


The feelings of intense excitement, power, and energy that users experience when taking meth to come from high levels of the meth chemicals accumulated in the brain. Meth takes a longer time to take effect than cocaine but usually lasts much longer. 


Illegal use vs. Prescription use


When speed meth is used illegally, it is often made cheaply using harmful ingredients used in everyday life. Meth dealers may run superlabs out of their homes or other covert buildings.


By contrast, meth in its prescription form will only use Desoxyn, which is only for treatment, as previously stated, of extreme cases of obesity and ADHD. Even prescription form meth is addictive, and its effectiveness as a treatment will wear off over time. This is why doctors usually only use it as a short term drug.


Meth side effects and symptoms


Using meth in any form is dangerous and poses severe many health risks. These include


Anxiety, paranoia, kidney failure, infections, malnutrition hallucinations, overdose and death.


Meth symptoms are sleep deprivation(because of constant stimulation), weight loss, osteoporosis, low sex drive, dehydration, and wild, aggressive behavior.


Treatment options for speed meth


To treat meth addiction, the first thing a meth user has to do is undergo a purging or meth detox. The presence of even a small amount will make any efforts to rehab, basically futile.


A patient will also need to repair any psychological damage caused, either from bombarding the brain with an ocean of chemicals or from the effects of the drug on relationships, emotions, jobs lost, or careers put on hold.


In more severe cases, a doctor may recommend an inpatient rehabilitation program to help patients deal with the numerous hurdles that prevent recovery,